EE Journal Podcast: “Jumping Jack Flash!”

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with EE Journal’s Amelia Dalton for her weekly ‘FishFry’ podcast. Amelia focuses on the most interesting electronic engineering news of the day, and this time the topic was our BiCS FLASH -and the importance of 3D memory in general. We covered a lot of ground in the podcast, from our invention of flash memory in 1984 to our development of the industry’s first 48-layer 3D solution: BiCS FLASH.

We discussed high density SSDs for hyperscale and cloud applications as an initial focus for BiCS FLASH, as well as its role in solving the challenges currently being faced by datacenters. Floating Gate technology came up, and I explained Toshiba’s roadmap in detail to Amelia – describing how lower density storage applications will still need Floating Gate for the foreseeable future.

We even chatted about my other passion – riding dirt bikes!  You can listen to the complete podcast here:

Electronic Engineering Journal

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