The Comeback You Didn’t See Coming

The Fastest Growing HDD and SSD Vendor in 2016Everyone loves a great comeback story. Kurt Warner came out of Arena Football to lead the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, then rehired only to lead the company to enormous success. The future of Detroit car companies looked grim until it managed a total turnaround in the late 2000s, restoring the iconic American industry.

But today, I’m thrilled to share that Toshiba was the fastest growing HDD and SSD vendor in 2016!

That’s quite a comeback!

This kind of performance comes from a global team-effort that spans across every functional group. We’ve changed our approach to everything from planning and developing products to managing our supply chain and how we do business with our customers. The results speaks for themselves.

I have to thank our customers – it’s obvious, but they have put tremendous trust in Toshiba and we are humbled by that every day.

You will hear more from Toshiba in the coming days, weeks, and months on these results, how we are working to continue to grow, and the amazing new technologies we are working on right now.

Please watch this space for more updates from me and the team!*

Fastest growing vendor as measured by revenue, based on IDC Worldwide Solid State Storage Quarterly Update: 4Q16 Summary (Feb 2017 IDC Doc #US41259317) and IDC Worldwide 4Q16 HDD Shipment Results and Four-Quarter Forecast Update (Feb 2017 - Doc #US42306617). 2015 revenue and unit baseline includes separate results from companies merged with non-affiliate third-party companies in 2016.

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