Memory Design Insights: Boosting Performance in Demanding Applications: UFS


Why do some apps open so much more slowly than others? The answer could lie in the storage embedded in your phone.

Created as the higher-performance replacement for e-MMC, Universal Flash Storage (UFS) has become the go-to memory solution for high-end smartphones, and is finding its way into mid-tier phones as well.  UFS is also being used in sophisticated new automotive applications such as entertainment & information systems and advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS), due to the increasing amounts of storage they require.

For applications requiring high-speed read/write performance and low power consumption –in addition to smartphones, tablets and automotive, these include augmented and virtual reality systems and the like – UFS shines.  We were the first to introduce UFS – and are spearheading the evolution of the technology.

Watch this video to see firsthand the performance improvements UFS brings to the table over e-MMC – including the ability to launch an app in a lot less time:

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