KumoScale Software Insights: Fast, Resilient, Elastic Storage for Kubernetes Containers

KumoScale Software Insights: Fast, Resilient, Elastic Storage for Kubernetes Containers

In an earlier blog post I wrote about how customers require storage services like KumoScale™ software to be integrated into their existing cloud orchestration, automation, telemetry, and logging frameworks. At that time, we were talking about integrating with popular telemetry and logging tools such as Prometheus, Graphite® and Elastic Stack. You can’t deliver modern storage services with proprietary tools. Fitting into existing tools enables the customer cloud infrastructure to be monitored and controlled together. KumoScale software’s integration with Kubernetes® containers represents our latest effort to collaborate with the cloud software ecosystem.

Kubernetes containers have rapidly become the de facto cloud orchestration framework, and our KumoScale storage software fully embraces this architecture. If you’re using Kubernetes containers to manage containerized applications, KumoScale software provides a complementary service for dynamic provisioning of high-performance and resilient storage volumes – tailored to the specific needs of the application.

How do we do this?

KumoScale is architected with a flexible set of APIs that enable it to easily snap into common open source, third-party or customer-special frameworks. No proprietary ‘pane of glass’ required. Kubernetes has adopted the Container Storage Interface (CSI) to provide a uniform way to make block storage accessible to its containerized applications.  The KumoScale software suite now includes a CSI driver that is natively integrated within Kubernetes and enables flexible, persistent storage volumes to be constructed and provisioned over the data center network – from any connected KumoScale storage node.


KumoScale Software Insights

We’re extending the Kubernetes concept of “Storage Classes” to give users an easy way to individually specify a rich set of requirements for each storage volume, including performance and resilience –thereby ensuring quality of service. KumoScale software’s Advanced Storage Class API mirrors the Kubernetes application-centric method of topology awareness and specifying failure zones, allowing KumoScale to make intelligent data placement decisions automatically.  This sophisticated storage management combines with Kubernetes dynamic orchestration to result in better performance, resilience and efficiency in private cloud infrastructures.

Live Demo at KubeCon San Diego

KIOXIA will be demonstrating our KumoScale software suite integration with Kubernetes at KubeCon in San Diego from November 18-21, 2019. Come see KumoScale in action at Booth #S13!


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