pseudo-SLC (pSLC) NAND: A Deeper Look


While it’s true that pure SLC NAND offers an excellent balance between cost and performance to store boot and small to medium OS code for many applications, the same cannot be said for high-density storage applications. In these instances, pSLC is an alternative solution that provides a reliable solution for high density storage at a lower cost.

Though pure SLC NAND solutions will always have a place in storage applications, an alternative solution - pseudo SLC NAND (pSLC) – offers an attractive compromise when considering reliability, speed, and cost.

In my last post, I explored some of the differences between SLC NAND and pSLC, taking designers through the application use cases that would be most appropriate for each. Today, I’m going deeper into pSLC, and sharing a piece I recently penned for Electronic Design.  In it, you’ll find the answers to the following questions – and more:

What exactly is pSLC? How does it fit in embedded applications? And – what are its cost and reliability tradeoffs? Is SLC going away?

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