Introducing a New Class of Removable Storage

XFMExpress Removable NVMe Memory

As the inventors of flash memory, we’re always looking to leverage our breakthrough technology in new and exciting ways. This was definitely the case with our XFMEXPRESS™ technology – which we introduced in August of 2019 and then presented as a proposal to the JEDEC Subcommittee for Electrical Specifications and Command Protocols.  XFMEXPRESS was then published by JEDEC as a new standard.

Created to solve complex design challenges, XFMEXPRESS is a new form factor for PCIe®/NVMe®devices. Featuring a powerful combination of small size, speed and serviceability, XFMEXPRESS technology enhances next-generation mobile and embedded applications.

With all of that being said - we are proud to announce that KIOXIA will soon be sampling the industry’s first1 XFM DEVICE Ver.1.0-compliant removable PCIe standard attached, NVMe storage device: the XFMEXPRESS XT2.

Ready to learn more about how KIOXIA is redefining flash storage technology? Our latest news release has all of the details:

1: As of June 14, 2022. Source: KIOXIA Corporation.

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