2022: An Opportunity to Celebrate NAND Flash

2022: An Opportunity to Celebrate NAND Flash

That’s a wrap: As 2022 comes to a close, so too does the year-long celebration of the 35th anniversary of KIOXIA inventing NAND flash memory. This year marked a huge milestone for the transformative technology we invented back in 1987, making it the perfect time to spotlight all things NAND flash.

Our campaign included a series of fun videos designed to remind us all how different our lives would be without flash memory. We just launched the final video, which takes a humorous look at what our lives might be like without mobile devices. To see it –– and all of the videos in this series – please visit the  35th anniversary website. You’ll also find a collection of industry voices, applications, infographics, company videos and much more at this link.

We got everyone else in on the fun as well – this year’s Flash Memory Summit paid homage to the anniversary of the invention of NAND flash memory, and the industry came out in force to celebrate. 

Since its creation, NAND flash memory has become a fundamental technology that is used in a virtually endless array of systems and devices.  Flash memory has forever changed our lives, fueling innovation in the development of products for everyone from consumers to the enterprise. We can’t wait to see what it does next.

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