CXL Memory Solutions: The Future is Now

CXL Memory Solutions The Future is Now

As AI and machine learning technologies advance, the demand for increased memory capacity and data bandwidth grows. Traditional DIMM interface limitations hinder memory expansion, prompting the adoption of a new PCIe®-based interface called Compute Express Link® (CXL®).

When combined with flash, CXL delivers a high-density, high-bandwidth memory solution that not only transcends traditional boundaries, but also effectively challenges the dominance of lower density, power-hungry DRAM.

This is what is known as jumping over the semantic wall. What do I mean by that? The DRAM semantic wall refers to a bottleneck in traditional DRAM architectures, where the speed of accessing memory doesn’t match the speed of processing data by modern processors. CXL helps overcome this by providing a high-speed, low-latency interconnect between processors and memory/storage devices.

At KIOXIA, we’re harnessing the potential of the CXL interface to expand the use of flash memory for existing storage and memory applications. By leveraging NAND-based CXL, we believe that higher capacity can be achieved - at lower costs.

CXL memory solutions can break down barriers and propel us into the future, where the once-daunting semantic wall is no longer a concern. With KIOXIA leading the charge, the future is indeed now.

As the inventors of NAND flash, KIOXIA is committed to developing and supporting the technology long-term. Explore our newest infographic to delve deeper into CXL and its vital role in facilitating the efficient processing of the vast amount of data being generated worldwide.


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