BiCS FLASH 64-Layer 3D Memory is here!

We’ve really outdone ourselves this time…introducing the next generation of 3D flash memory: 64-layer BiCS FLASH! We’re now shipping samples of this scalable, high-density storage solution for large capacity applications (think enterprise and consumer SSDs, smartphones, tablets and memory cards).

 64-layer BiCS FLASH succeeds our 48-layer version, and its leading-edge 64-layer stacking process realizes a 40% larger capacity per unit chip size than the 48-layer stacking process. This reduces the cost per bit, and increases the manufacturability of memory capacity per silicon wafer.

Production of our new BiCS FLASH is taking place at the new Fab 2 at Yokkaichi Operations, which officially opened earlier this summer.

 Interested in all of the details? You’ll find them in the news release here:

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