Your Life Each and Every Day Upgraded By Flash

From the moment you get up in the morning to the second right before you go to bed chances are your life is being upgraded by flash memory. Flash has become such an embedded part of our daily lives that most of us don’t even realize just how much flash is being utilized in everything from Internet of Things (IoT) devices in our homes or on our wrists to the hidden data centers making everything possible. The explosion of IoT devices, everything from talking appliances to fitness trackers, are probably the most obvious examples of devices and applications where embedded flash has helped upgrade our connected lifestyles, but go a layer deeper and there are many less apparent applications enabled by flash.

Take for example how we get to work every day. If you were to wind back the clock just a decade, it might be difficult to find many vehicles that utilized flash, but today quite the opposite is true as most cars use flash for everything from navigation and entertainment to autonomous driving. Even if you don’t own a car the second that you request an Uber®, not only are you using a smartphone leveraging flash, but the data center that is enabling the entire interaction between you, the service, and the driver is all negotiating data through flash.

At work a lot of our data is being stored in the cloud and processed within data centers, and flash is helping make real time analytics and edge computing a reality. Being able to communicate with smart devices all over the world enables us to measure data, make better decisions, share our ideas, and become more productive.

With how prevalent flash has already become in our daily lives, and all the many density, bandwidth, latency, lower power and cost advances being made in flash technology, at an even greater pace than ever before, just imagine what is possible. Think about the lives that could be saved with a network of autonomous cars all working in unison, how the next billion smartphone users will be able to access the benefits of the internet for the first time with more cost-effective devices, and potential advances in medical HPC with improved processing latency, all made possible with flash. These are just examples of some of the applications, and it is very exciting to envision the countless ways in which flash can further upgrade our lives in the future.


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