Life after SATA

SATA is a thing of the past
At one time in the technology industry, SATA drives reigned supreme over all other SSDs because of their value proposition: SSD performance at a budget. However, it’s no longer necessary for IT managers to live without excellent performance and data reliability in the name of price.  SATA has been a workhorse for years, but is still inferior to SAS due to its lack of encryption options, robustness, and performance.

Fast forward to today, where innovation in SATA technology is gridlocked and being surpassed very quickly by cutting edge NVMe™ and innovative SAS product offerings. So what does Life After SATA look like? Key focal points at the forefront of this new generation of SSDs are more speed, faster response times and higher capacities, at a similar price as SATA. An interface transition is necessary, more now, than ever, to ensure the health and agility of your servers and data centers for the long term.

Benefits of the Value SAS SSD
SAS is the most robust interface on the market today because of its innovative and sophisticated storage capabilities.  Value SAS has closed the gap with the once more economical SATA drive by providing a premium solution at a comparable price.

  • The first key advantage in switching from SATA to SAS SSDs is the benefit of end-to-end SAS inside the server, which in turn, boasts the most robust and manageable SSD interface.
  • Secondly, transactional application performance has been improved with greater queue depths and lower latency.
  • Third, SAS has demonstrated a significantly less amount of data corruption ensuring increased data reliability and protection.

The Next Step
Since purchasing a higher quality drive at an affordable price is no longer a point of contention, a world of opportunity in SSDs has opened up. Toshiba’s RM5, a new value SAS SSD, is a higher performing and cost effective storage solution for servers. In addition, Toshiba’s new CD5, a data center-class NVMe SSD, will introduce speed and even lower latency into its data center applications. Don’t let your data center get left behind, ditch your old SATA SSDs and get ready for Life After SATA.

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