OCP 2019: To the Data Center – and Beyond!

“Open. Together.” This was the theme at this year’s Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit – and it was a fitting one. More than 3,000 cloud and data center movers and shakers showed up, all in support of the same mission: growing and supporting the open hardware ecosystem surrounding the data center.

Over at the Toshiba Memory booth, foot traffic was steady and we received many insightful questions about our solid state drive products and KumoScale™ NVMe-oF™ (NVM Express™ over Fabrics) shared accelerated storage software solution – which is just the way we like it! We gave demos of our proof of concept native Ethernet NVMe-oF SSDs, data center optimized PCIe®, SAS, and SATA SSDs, and KumoScale software, generating a definite buzz amongst attendees.

At a time when workloads are becoming more and more dynamic and data-intensive technologies are pervading businesses everywhere, the pressure is on to deliver optimal performance and ensure cost-efficiencies in the cloud data center. This pressure is creating a dramatic shift, and NVMe™ SSDs are fast becoming the storage protocol of choice. Meanwhile, the development of NVMe-oF has made shared accelerated storage a new option for traditionally DAS-based cloud architectures. These are exciting times, and our decades of experience in storage and pivotal role as an NVMe-oF leader put us right where we want to be – in the middle of it all.

We are a proud member of the Open Compute community, and it’s been exciting to see the ranks of companies committed to collaboration grow over the years. In our minds, the technology infrastructure challenges we can overcome by working together are limitless.  To the Data Center – and Beyond!

Read more about what we were up to at the OCP Global Summit here: https://bit.ly/2TOl3tp.


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