FMS 2020: Better Together – thanks to Technology

Together We Evaluate the Digital World

As with so many events this year, Flash Memory Summit 2020 was held virtually – and while we weren’t physically together at the largest storage event in North America, we remain connected by technology.

We are technology leaders and innovators – who better to create an immersive, interactive booth experience that is only rivaled by the real thing?  Seeking to get the most out of the virtual events we participate in, we took matters into our own hands and built out a 3D experience that shows the breadth and depth of our flash solutions. Our new virtual booth made its debut at FMS, featuring a theater, numerous kiosks with in-depth product demos, engaging videos, and more. One of the best things about virtual events, and virtual booths, is that they can exist long after the show, and in case you missed the event you can still check it out here:

Of course - we certainly missed seeing our friends, customers and industry colleagues in person, but we were grateful for the opportunity to meet virtually with these key industry stakeholders. What was on the agenda? Our latest flash and SSD solutions, including the industry’s first PCIe® 4.0 NVMe® cloud-specification-enabled SSD1  and our first PCIe 4.0 client SSDs for notebooks, desktops, and workstations.  

The concept of togetherness is extremely important to the KIOXIA culture – perhaps now more than ever.  Together with our customers and technology partners, KIOXIA leads the way for flash memory advancements. We work closely with our customers (and their customers) across applications to elevate the digital world. We’re always excited about seeing our technologies being leveraged in exciting new ways, and their continued deployment in fast-growing applications like the cloud and automotive was on full display at FMS.

FMS also saw KIOXIA executives participating in several technical sessions and our EDSFF E3.S technology development being recognized with an FMS Best of Show award. This last point is one of particular pride for us as a company, as we strive to consistently be on the front lines of innovative new technology development. We are a major contributor in defining the specification (SFF-TA-1008) and introduced an E3.S full-function development vehicle used in an EDSFF storage chassis in conjunction with a leading server and storage OEM. In the very near future, solutions utilizing EDSFF SSDs will improve system density, efficiency and flexibility.

Here's hoping next year’s FMS looks a little bit closer to ‘normal!’ Meanwhile, enjoy the video we put together to highlight the fact that the digital world is made better when we work together:

 See you in 2021! 

1: Based on a survey of publicly available information as of November 3, 2020.

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