HPE Discover: Unlocking Server and Storage Potential – From Edge to Cloud

HPE Discover: Unlocking Server and Storage Potential

Synergy. It’s what happens when one thing magnifies the effect of another, and it’s the perfect word to describe the coming together of the inventors of flash memory and one of the world’s leading enterprise technology companies. Some things are just better together, and KIOXIA has been collaborating with HPE to deliver best in class storage solutions for years. HPE Discover 2021 was yet another opportunity to let the fruits of our labors shine.  With a theme of ‘from the edge to the cloud,’ this year’s event was designed to prepare participants for the next wave of digital transformation – and KIOXIA was ready.

At the virtual event, the spotlight was on our full SSD product portfolio optimized for HPE ProLiant servers - including a new series of PCIe® 4.0 SSDs, the first1 24G enterprise SAS SSDs for HPE servers, and next-generation value SAS SSDs that will help drive the transition away from SATA SSDs. We also conducted a speaking session focused on SSD trends and technology.

If your schedule didn’t allow you to join in this year, never fear. All of our HPE Discover content is still available for viewing at our 3D virtual booth and our sponsor page. Feel free to look around and discover for yourself the KIOXIA solutions that are transforming the future and making digital transformation a reality.

1: Source: KIOXIA Corporation, as of June 16, 2020. Based on a KIOXIA market survey of publicly available information.

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