SLC: The First – and Most Enduring – Flash Memory

SLC: The First and Most Enduring Flash Memory

The phenomenon that is NAND flash began back in 1987 when KIOXIA invented single-level cell – SLC – flash memory. SLC was the precursor to today’s flash innovations, which have evolved to triple-level cell structures – and beyond.

While high-density, multi-layer 3D flash may be making all the headlines, the need for legacy SLC has not disappeared.   In fact, SLC still plays an important role in the things we use every day, including items such digital TVs, printers, set top boxes and IoT devices. In consumer and industrial applications where the ability to read and write data at low latency, support high-write/erase cycle endurance and I-temp availability is needed, SLC fits the bill.

As one of the largest suppliers of SLC NAND, KIOXIA is committed to supporting multiple SLC legacy solutions. If you’re ready to learn more about the past, present and future of the very first flash memory – you’ll want to be sure to watch our latest video:


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