SDC: Software-Enabled Flash Takes Center Stage

Software-Enabled Flash Takes Center Stage

This year’s Storage Developer Conference was once again held virtually – but that didn’t stop the SNIA team from getting the storage industry’s best and brightest together! Everyone from software and hardware developers to architects, engineers, product managers, and more gathered online to discuss the latest storage technology developments, advances and trends.

As for KIOXIA, we were focused on showing off our new Software-Enabled Flash™ SDK, which helps us on our path to making flash truly software defined for storage developers. Just like the rest of Software-Enabled Flash technology, this SDK is open source licensed to encourage wide adoption and ease of access. It includes four components: a reference flash translation layer (FTL), virtualized I/O drivers supporting both block and Zoned Namespace (ZNS) access, a command line interface (CLI), and an industry-standard benchmarking tool.

Just as a refresher, KIOXIA Software-Enabled Flash technology is a combination of purpose-built hardware and open source software designed to maximize the value of flash for storage developers. In fact, we designed it with input from hyperscale storage developers – focusing on alleviating the pain points they have with traditional flash.

 Software-Enabled Flash:

  • Enables fine grained, dynamic, application control over flash latency outcomes, allowing storage developers to define how the flash memory behaves and adjust it in real-time to application demands.
  • Protects against the noisy neighbor problem, common in shared systems, by supporting both hardware-level isolation and dynamic, queue-based software-level isolation.
  • Allows the storage app to define when background flash management operations occur, and how they will be performed, supporting application responsiveness during critical periods.
  • Makes the transition between different flash technologies, generations, and even vendors faster and less painful than current methods, allowing advanced flash technology to be deployed quickly.

Thanks to all of you that watched our keynote, checked out our virtual booth, and participated in our live birds of a feather session! If you missed out, you’re in luck – KIOXIA’s keynote session, “Maximizing Flash Value with the Software-Enabled Flash SDK,” is still available for viewing. Watch and learn all about how our new Software-Enabled Flash SDK helps developers solve storage challenges and derive the maximum value of deployed flash - at hyperscale.

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