QLC Shifts into High Gear

QLC Shifts into High Gear

What does it take to keep up with the rapid pace of data acceleration? High density storage solutions that push boundaries – such as 4-bit-per-cell, quadruple-level-cell (QLC) technology from KIOXIA.

Significantly expanding capacity by pushing the bit count for data per memory cell from three to four, QLC is experiencing rapid adoption in everything from all-flash arrays to client and consumer SSDs. No surprise there - KIOXIA QLC technology reduces the footprint with one of the highest densities available in a single package.

Key QLC features include:

  • Supported by the leading controllers
  • High density
  • Enables larger capacities
  • Lower cost per bit than TLC

Looking to learn more about QLC and the impact it is having on a wide range of applications? Be sure to check out our new video.

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