Embedded Flash Memory News: Automotive UFS Version 3.1 is Here

Automotive UFS Version 3.1 is Here

In case you missed it – we recently announced that we have begun sampling1 our new Automotive UFS2 Ver. 3.1 embedded flash memory devices.

This is important news, as the storage requirements for increasingly sophisticated automotive applications continue to progress. UFS is well-suited to support the high-performance and density needs of these applications. Thanks to the increased performance enabled by version 3.1 UFS devices tailored for automotive, enhanced capabilities in functions, such as ADAS3 and infotainment systems, can be realized. Our new devices also support a wide temperature range (-40°C to +105°C), meet AEC4-Q100 Grade2 requirements and offer enhanced reliability capabilities that increasingly complex automotive applications require.

Our latest news release has all of the details – read more here: https://business.kioxia.com/en-us/news/2022/memory-20220330-1.html

Stay tuned for more embedded flash memory news – as we continue to bolster our leadership position by providing flash memory solutions that enhance the capabilities of the many applications that use UFS.

1: Sample shipments of the 256GB, 128GB and 64GB devices will start from March 30th, with the 512GB device to follow in April.

2: Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is a product category for a class of embedded memory products built to the JEDEC UFS standard specification. Due to its serial interface, UFS supports full duplexing, which enables both concurrent reading and writing between the host processor and UFS device.

3: Advanced Driving Assistant System

4: Electrical component qualification requirements defined by the AEC (Automotive Electronics Council).

Comparisons are with KIOXIA 512GB Automotive UFS Ver. 2.1 device

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