FMS 2022: An Industry-Wide Celebration of the Invention of Flash Memory

An Industry-Wide Celebration

Admit it: You’d be lost without your smart devices. Well, at the very least, you would be a lot less efficient. And I’m the first one to raise my hand here. In our house, we rely on these marvels of modern technology for everything from adjusting the thermostat to reminding us when school projects are due. Our smart home assistants have become part of our extended families – and we have flash memory to thank for it.

ICYMI, FMS 2022 paid homage to an exciting milestone surrounding this transformative technology: KIOXIA invented flash memory 35 years ago, and the industry came out in force to celebrate. It was so nice to see everyone in person this year!

If you didn’t make it to FMS this year, be sure you don’t miss this: we created a series of humorous videos that explore “what life would be like without flash memory”- with the newest one making its debut at our Keynote presentation. With a focus on how smart devices have changed our lives, this video is sure to make you chuckle. Watch it here:

While you’re at it, be sure to take a look around our 35th anniversary microsite – you’ll see a historical timeline of KIOXIA innovations; quotes from industry insiders; applications that have changed the way we live, work and play; infographics and much more!

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