3D Flash Memory: A Recipe for Innovative Designs

Think of it as a layer cake. We call it BiCS FLASH - and it’s the industry's first 48-layer 3D Flash memory. It’s based on our leading-edge stacking process that surpasses the capacity of the single-plane chips currently used. The process? We stack 48 layers of microscopic NAND layers atop one another – and more layers mean more data. Sounds delicious, right?

The result is good news for consumers: higher capacity storage applications that consume less power, including SSDs, smartphones, tablets, and memory cards. Enterprise SSDs for data centers will get a boost as well.

Toshiba’s BiCS FLASH supports the storage market’s appetite for ever-increasing densities – with the added benefit of enabling innovative designs.

We invented NAND Flash Memory more than 25 years ago – and we’ve been cooking up innovations ever since.

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