Supporting the Data Demands of Connected Cars

The desire to be connected at all times is a strong one – and is shaping the future of everything from our homes to our automobiles. In fact, pundits are saying that, in the next two years, 60% of all new cars will have a wireless connection of some sort.

Cool new functions like multi-layer high-definition maps, navigation with 3D graphics, voice recognition, autonomous driving systems, and more come with increasingly complex memory demands. At Toshiba, we’ve been on-trend and focused on the automotive infotainment market for quite some time. Accelerated processing power and increased data storage capacity are crucial to enabling these new technologies, and our e-MMC has emerged as the data storage technology of choice for automotive applications. To that end, we’ve just expanded our lineup of embedded NAND flash memory products for automotive applications – you can read all about it here:

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