Onwards and Upwards, the Growth Continues

Back in March, we announced that Toshiba was the fastest growing SSD vendor of 2016. But some wondered whether we could continue to capture new market share. The answer is yes. According to Forward Insights CQ117 SSD Supplier Status Report (May, 2017), Toshiba grew 1.5% of share by revenue confirming that Toshiba continued their momentum in the quarter.

Perhaps even more impressive, Toshiba grew a 6% share in SAS SSD, shipping the second most SAS SSD bits in the industry.

The SSD market--especially the enterprise and OEM side of the business--moves quickly, and at Toshiba, we are committed to maintaining this momentum in the quarters to come. It has been our robust SSD product portfolio that has enabled Toshiba to address a wide spectrum of customer needs across all key interfaces and applications, placing us at the forefront of opportunities other vendors cannot support. This requires seamless coordination on both the business and R&D sides to ensure the right products are available at all times.

Earlier this month, we demonstrated a laptop running with a working SSD sample of 64-layer 3D BiCS™ at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas and this week officially introduced the XG5 Series, a line of client NVM Express® (NVMe™) SSDs which are our first ever SSDs equipped with 64-layer BiCS 3D flash technology. This PCI EXPRESS® (PCIe®) Gen3 x 4 lane drive delivers extremely high performance up to 3000 MB/s of sequential read and 2100 MB/s of sequential write and also features an SLC cache for excellent performance to accelerate burst type workloads, such as those experienced routinely on Windows® based PCs, as well as improved standby power consumption reduced by over 50% to less than 3mW, making these NVMe SSDs an excellent solution for high performance mobile computing.

With new Toshiba SSD solutions being released now, and in the near future, our commitment to growing both our portfolio of compelling solutions and our share has never been greater. Onwards and upwards!


1 Toshiba was the fastest growing HDD and SSD vendor in 2016 – use the following footnote when using this copy: Fastest growing vendor as measured by revenue, based on IDC Worldwide Solid State Storage Quarterly Update: 4Q16 Summary (Feb 2017 IDC Doc #US41259317) and IDC Worldwide 4Q16 HDD Shipment Results and Four-Quarter Forecast Update (Feb 2017 - Doc #US42306617). 2015 revenue and unit baseline includes separate results from companies merged with non-affiliate third-party companies in 2016.

2 NVM Express and the NVM Express logo are registered trademarks, and NVMe is a trademark of NVM Express, Inc.

3 PCIe® and PCI EXPRESS® are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.

4 Read and write speed may vary depending on the host device, read and write conditions, and file size.

5 Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

6 Compared to Toshiba XG3 series

7 L1.2 in non-operation mode 

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