Start Your Engines – Automotive UFS has Arrived

I’ve blogged a bit in the past on the data demands of connected cars – and we’ve just added a new device to support memory-hogging new functions like infotainment systems and ADAS. Our new Automotive UFS is designed with the high-performance and density requirements of these applications in mind. It’s based on our 15nm process technology, and offers significantly higher performance than Automotive e-MMC – thanks to the UFS interface. For those taking notes, Automotive UFS’s sequential read is 2.7 times, sequential write is 1.1 times, random read is 7 times, and random write is 4.4 times faster than Automotive e-MMC’s.

Just as our UFS for consumer applications boost system performance in mobile devices, our UFS for automotive applications will have a similar positive impact on the automotive sector. You can read more about these exciting new devices here.

AEC-Q100 Grade 2

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