Memory Design Insights: Serial NAND to the Rescue

While this is a blog post about Serial NAND – I can’t talk about Serial NAND without discussing another technology first: NOR flash. Toshiba invented NOR flash back in the ‘80s, and it is still used today to store boot code and small-to-medium OS code in consumer and industrial devices.

Today, these devices (set top boxes, smart meters, toys and wearables, for example) are adding new, enhanced features that are making boot code requirements grow larger and larger. Because of this, demand for SLC NAND flash memory is increasing – as it offers higher density and reliability (at a lower cost per bit) when compared to NOR flash.

Enter Serial NAND. Due to its compatibility with the widely used Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), our Serial NAND is an ideal NOR flash replacement. In fact, as boot code requirements reach 1Gb or higher, Serial NAND provides 3x the cost benefit over NOR – and all of the density that newer features require. I’ll explain it all in more detail in our new video:

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