Automotive Applications: Navigating the Road Ahead

Navigating Road Ahead

Today’s automotive applications – and the entire driver experience – are advancing before our eyes. Our cars have become far more than mere methods of transportation. They may look like SUVs or trucks, but in technological terms, they’re more like rolling data centers. Finding a suitable approach to storing the massive amounts of data being generated by automotive applications, while keeping costs and timelines under control, is a critical design challenge.

Additionally, automotive applications have their own set of requirements, such as extended temperature range, high reliability, and longevity of support. KIOXIA brings multiple memory solutions to the table – including e-MMC and UFS. But the question becomes which solution is the best fit? It’s not a one size fits all discussion but, in most cases, Automotive UFS provides a number of advantages over Automotive e-MMC.  These include faster performance and boot times, and additional features well-suited to the in-vehicle experience.  Ultimately, as UFS continues to become the dominant solution across many applications, economies of scale will continue to favor UFS over e-MMC, enabling better long-term support, flexibility and cost.

KIOXIA supports a wide line-up of e-MMC and UFS devices to meet the needs of both consumer and automotive applications.  Our flash memory leadership position combined with our long history with UFS gives us an edge when it comes to anticipating and supporting evolving applications. KIOXIA’s managed flash for automotive is paving the way for everything from telematics and navigation to in-vehicle entertainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – and so much more.

Ready to see what memory solutions we have for the many applications found within today and tomorrow’s vehicles? Click here for our new infographic.

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