How Does it Do That? An Inside Look at the Mighty SSD

How Does it Do That?

Ever since they began shipping in the early 90s, flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) have been fundamentally changing the way we store data. Not only can an 8TB SSD hold about 1,600 average length movies (!) worth of data, but any piece of that data can be accessed almost instantaneously. Have you ever wondered exactly how SSDs are able to store and organize so much data in such a small package?

In a new video, Branch Education uses one of our CD6 Series data center NVMe® SSDs to take a look at the logistics involved in storing terabytes of data. Branch Education goes in-depth on the details and intricacies of engineering, seeking to inspire would-be technologists – something that KIOXIA wholeheartedly supports.

Ready to explore the inside of one of our SSDs? This video gives an insider’s look at how they work.


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