Addressing Data Demands: Storage Class Memory’s Time to Shine

Storage Class Memory's Time to Shine

What do edge computing, 5G networks, image processing, and real-time voice processing all have in common? They are generating data at a pace that is pushing current data storage technologies – such as DRAM and SSDs – to their limits. This accelerated rate of data creation is likely to continue at an exponential rate for the foreseeable future, making the need for fast, affordable storage technology more critical than ever.

Fortunately, storage-class memory (SCM) is poised to come to the rescue. SCM solutions, such as our XL-FLASHTM, promise to solve the current storage challenge and support innovative data-driven technologies by filling the performance and density gap that currently exists between DRAM and SSD solutions. Just as SSD and All Flash Array technologies bridged the performance gap between HDD and DRAM, becoming a tier in the memory hierarchy, SCM is emerging as the critical tier between SSD and DRAM.

Learn more about SCM – and how it’s addressing the needs of a data-hungry world – in this recent article that I wrote for EETimes.

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