Debunking the Flash Memory Layers Myth

Debunking the Flash Memory Layers Myth

When it comes to 3D technology, what sets one supplier’s offerings apart from another? It’s a question I’ve discussed often with customers and partners looking to accurately assess performance requirements for end applications. The answer is a bit complicated – but one thing that doesn’t factor into the equation is number of layers.

It’s true. While it’s certainly understandable to look to number of layers as a technology gauge – after all, suppliers have promoted this metric since 3D flash memory devices were first introduced – getting to the most layers the fastest adds cost and is far less important than harnessing the greatest ROI and delivering a cost-eff­ective, competitive storage solution.

Want to learn more about the truth behind the layers question? Our latest infographic takes a closer look at everything that goes into consideration in the race to go higher. I go into even more detail in this video, and examine the relationship between cost and performance more closely here.

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