Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About NVMe-oF Technology

What is NVM Express over Fabrics Technology

The NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF®) specification was first published in 2016 – but how well do you really know the technology that’s changing the face of data center storage?

NVMe-oF provides an efficient mapping of NVMe® commands to several network transport protocols.  This enables one computer (the "initiator") to access block-level storage devices attached to another computer (the "target") very efficiently and with minimum latency.   NVMe over Fabrics technology is so-named because it enables the transport of the NVMe command set over a variety of interconnection infrastructures — including those traditionally thought of as networks (e.g. IP/Ethernet) and also I/O Channels (e.g. Fibre Channel).

Ready to learn more about NVMe-oF technology and its capabilities? Our latest infographic has it all.


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