Enterprise SLC: Bringing High Density and Endurance to a Variety of Applications

Enterprise SLC Bringing High Density and Endurance to Applications

Applications requiring a memory solution capable of withstanding excessive temperatures* or a rugged environment need look no further than Enterprise SLC (eSLC). Industrial SSD modules, RAID cards, wireless infrastructure, factory automation and the IIoT are just a few examples that can benefit from the high density, endurance and reliability provided by eSLC.

Additionally, when boot code with high reliability is a must, eSLC is a cost-effective, flexible solution. 

KIOXIA eSLC highlights include:

  • High endurance
  • High reliability
  • High density
  • I temp and C temp options
  • TSOP/BGA packages
  • Legacy and toggle mode interfaces

As one of the largest suppliers of SLC NAND, KIOXIA is committed to developing and supporting the technology long term. To learn more about eSLC, please see our latest infographic.

*Tolerances for temperature ranges and environmental conditions vary, please refer to individual product specifications for details.

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