NAND Flash Questions? Let’s Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert Series - NAND vs NOR Flash

Our Ask the Expert series is back – with answers to some of the most pressing questions about NAND flash. In the first video of the series, KIOXIA senior staff engineer Doug Wong explained why NAND flash was invented. Now, Doug is back to explain the difference between NAND Flash and NOR Flash. You’ll also learn how – and when - NAND flash rose to market dominance over NOR flash.

He’s also taking a look at some of the initial obstacles to adoption that NAND Flash faced in its early days, and why our breakthrough invention was once seen as somewhat of a ‘solution in search of a problem.’ In fact, the invention of NAND flash pre-existed many of the actual applications that would use it by many years. 

Our new videos give you an insider’s view into all things NAND flash. Take it away, Doug!

Stay tuned to the blog for more educational videos as our Ask the Expert series continues…

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