Memory Design Insights: SLC NAND – a Roadmap

It may not generate as much excitement as MLC, TLC or 3D NAND- but SLC (single-level cell) NAND is still very much an integral part of the overall NAND market.  An ideal fit for performing boot functions and storing OS code, SLC NAND is more robust than MLC, and offers a 20x improvement in reliability.

And- it’s an important part of Toshiba’s product lineup.

The SLC NAND conversation is typically centered around lower density components. We support a range of SLC components, from 512Mb through 8Gb.  

In this video from our Memory Design Insights series, I’ll explain our Fab strategy and take a look at the SLC NAND we support now – and will support in the future. Toshiba is committed to SLC NAND flash long-term.

See me in action here:

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