CES 2024: Empowering Application Innovation - From Here to Outer Space

CES 2024

If a trip to Vegas for CES® wasn’t in the cards for you earlier this year, we’ve got you covered! Come along as I give @paulshardware a tour of our demos at the show, which featured our diverse lineup of next-gen memory and SSD solutions. I walk Paul through the different options we had on hand, explaining what makes them well-suited to virtually any solution that uses SSDs – including servers that were sent to the International Space Station.

Did you know that there are countless consumer devices and applications out there that rely on KIOXIA technology solutions to enrich lives and make new memories? It’s true, and CES was the perfect venue to highlight this fact. From designing ultra-thin consumer PCs to enabling immersive automotive in-vehicle experiences and streamlining professional photography, KIOXIA flash memory brings applications to life and enhances user experiences.

You don’t want to miss the video tour that I took @paulshardware on – our demo room at CES 2024 featured all of the latest products, form factors and standards from KIOXIA – as well as what our SSDs are doing in outer space!


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