When Performance, High Density and Cost Effectiveness Matter – KIOXIA Delivers

When Performance High Density and Cost Effectiveness Matter - KIOXIA Delivers

As the inventors of flash memory and innovators at heart, we know that sometimes it’s necessary to think outside of the box when looking to solve complex problems.

Take data centers, for example. Density per rack slot, power efficiency and IOPS/QoS are some of the most challenging issues facing today’s data centers – and KIOXIA went back to the drawing board to address them. Taking a different approach, KIOXIA introduced an entirely new architecture with our latest generation of BiCS FLASHTM 3D flash memory. The new combination of vertical and lateral scaling produces greater capacity with fewer layers1.

Our latest BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory features 218 layers and CMOS directly Bonded to Array (CBA) wafer bonding technology with greater bit density. Why CBA? Each CMOS wafer and cell array wafer is manufactured separately in its optimized condition and then bonded together to deliver enhanced bit density and fast NAND I/O speed. Fabrication of the cell and peripheral separately enables optimization of each, eliminating the trade-off between cell reliability and I/O speed – and delivering a major leap in power efficiency, performance, density, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability1.

With KIOXIA, data centers can experience new levels of scalability while optimizing power efficiency and costs. Our new video goes into more detail, and explains in depth how KIOXIA is moving data center sustainability forward.


1: Features and typical use performance improvements as compared to the previous generation of BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory.

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