Liftoff! KIOXIA SSDs Blast into Outer Space

Liftoff KIOXIA SSDs Blast into Outer Space

T-0:00 – next stop: the International Space Station (ISS)! 130 terabytes of data storage – in the form of KIOXIA SSDs – launched with the NG-20 mission rocket, and are now at the ISS orbiting the earth every 90 minutes. As part of HPE Spaceborne Computer-2, based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise EdgeLine and ProLiant servers, KIOXIA SSDs are providing high performance and capacity flash-based storage to conduct scientific experiments aboard the space station. This mission represents a giant leap forward in advancing computing capabilities in outer space, fostering scientific breakthroughs, and reducing reliance on Earth-bound communications to transmit data.

We’ll be closely monitoring the health of the SSDs throughout the mission, utilizing daily log files transmitted from the ISS. This real-time tracking and analysis will provide valuable insights into how flash memory storage operates in the harsh environment of space and contributes to advancements in space technology.

You can read all about what we’re doing in space with HPE in our recent press release.  If you missed the live launch on NASA TV, never fear - you can relive the big moment here.

Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for upcoming news as this exciting journey continues!

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