XL-FLASH and the Need for Speed


We first mentioned our new Storage Class Memory (SCM) solution in a keynote at last year’s Flash Memory Summit (FMS) – making FMS 2019 the perfect place for it to actually debut. XL-FLASH is here – and it’s enterprise storage’s next frontier. The highest performing NAND available1, XL-FLASH™ is based on our BiCS FLASH™ SLC (to store just one bit per cell) 3D flash memory technology.

Why did the industry need super high performance NAND? The answer lies in the cost/performance gap that exists between DRAM and NAND. While volatile memory solutions such as DRAM provide the access speed needed by demanding applications, it comes at a high cost. As the cost-per-bit and scalability of DRAM levels off, a new layer in the memory hierarchy is created. This is where Storage Class Memory – like our XL-FLASH – comes in, addressing the issue by providing high density, cost effective, non-volatile NAND flash memory. This is especially important for hyperscalers and enterprise server/storage providers – as well as emerging technologies and industry standards that will enable different form factors for low-latency flash memory solutions.

The introduction of our XL-FLASH SCM solution at FMS 2019 made a big splash with the media and analyst communities – but don’t just take my word for it. Check out what Anandtech, TweakTown and TechTarget had to say about our news.

We’re starting sample shipments of XL-FLASH next month – be sure to check this blog often for the latest.


1 Highest performing NAND available claim based on the fact that the die has been specifically designed (16 planes) to provide higher performance than TLC NAND.

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