FMS 2019 – Life in the Flash Lane

Innovative new product introductions? Check. Well-attended keynote? Check. Best in Show winner? Check. In many ways, Flash Memory Summit 2019 resembled our FMS experiences of the past – we hit this trifecta of accomplishments last year as well. On the surface, it seemed to be business as usual at the Santa Clara Convention Center – however, there was definitely something different going on. Change was in the air – big, sweeping, industry-wide change – and Toshiba Memory was right at the center of it all.

What do I mean by that? For starters – emerging applications are no longer “emerging.” Analytics, augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence are all in the here and now – and advancements are being made in real-time. Once only whispered about in data center circles, the time is now for PCIe® 4.0 SSDs (read the buzz about ours here). Progress is being made in data-centric workloads, such as real-time analytics, AI/ML, VR/AR, IoT, HPC, and cyber security, all of which demand tremendous throughput at a reasonable price.

We also noted that there was much more talk about 5G than in years past – and the challenges and opportunities that it presents. While there is much more bandwidth to be had there, new infrastructure and development is required. For example, 5G in smart cars requires storage with faster latency than ever before.

The agent driving all of this change is flash. Flash is making all of these once futuristic, almost impossible to conceive of applications a reality. Flash breaks down the barriers of storage and memory to enable out-of-the-box thinking. Take our support of XFMEXPRESS™ technology, for example. We identified a need for a more compact, flexible NVMe™ form factor – and our legacy as the creators of flash memory informed the creation of new technology that literally redefines solid state storage for ultra-mobile and embedded applications.  XFMEXPRESS technology makes it easier for customers to service or upgrade their platforms.

As we wrap FMS 2019 and look to the future, one thing is certain – the only thing constant is change, and we’re excited by all the ways that flash is helping accelerate transformation across so many applications.

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