Welcome to Life after SATA

If you’re a regular reader of our blog (and we hope you are!), you’ve certainly heard us sounding the warning bells: the SATA interface has reached its performance limit, the roadmap is ending and no future advancements are planned. In fact, due to interface limitations, SATA technology transfer speeds haven’t increased in over 10 years!

It’s time to stop idling – and shift into a whole new gear. I’m here to tell you that there absolutely is life after SATA – and it begins now. SSD storage has evolved beyond SATA, and value SAS and data center NVMe are the future. The next-generation data center is here, and an entirely new class of SSDs will be the key to a successful transition. Our value SAS (vSAS) SSDs are a game-changer and are poised to replace SATA SSDs in server applications. Toshiba Memory’s vSAS SSDs are optimized for advanced performance, capacity, reliability, manageability, and data security at a price designed to compete with SATA.

Because vSAS SSDs are based on our own enterprise SAS technology, they deliver higher price/performance ratios when compared to SATA SSDs, as well as higher server CPU utilization, better use of server resources, reduced TCO, and ease of deployment. Of course, they come complete with the quality and reliability that you’ve grown to expect from Toshiba Memory enterprise SAS drives. 

Ready to say so long to SATA? It’s as easy as simply replacing SATA SSDs with vSAS SSDs when you make your next server purchase. Everything you need to know is here: https://us.toshiba-memory.com/life-after-sata.

See you in the afterlife! #LifeAfterSATA


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