KumoScale Software Insights: Introducing Snapshots and Clones for Kubernetes Deployments

KumoScale Software

With each new release of KumoScaleTM software, we continue to enhance its data storage services to complement a high-performance storage infrastructure for modern containerized cloud applications. The latest release now includes snapshot and clone functionality for cloud storage infrastructure based on NVM Express™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) technology.  Snapshots and clones are not new for traditional storage arrays, however KumoScale software uniquely applies these data services efficiently, at data center scale, specifically for Kubernetes® deployments.

The Kubernetes storage community has identified snapshots as critical for a variety of stateful workloads. Snapshots can significantly reduce the backup window for large, stateful databases by making a quick snapshot available for the application to use while the backup continues, at a very low storage cost. Users also have the ability to clone production data and modify it for development, test, or quality assurance purposes – without application disruptions. The KumoScale software suite includes a Kubernetes CSI (container storage interface) driver which enables application-consistent snapshots of Kubernetes stateful sets directly from the Kubernetes command line. When combined with Kubernetes container orchestration and the low latency network access of NVMe-oF technology, KumoScale software is helping to make cloud-based storage disaggregation a reality. For more information, please visit kumoscale.kioxia.com.


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