New Minisite! We Are Redefining Hyperscale Digital Storage

What happens when purpose-built hardware and software tools work together? In the case of our new Software-Enabled FlashTM (SEF) technology, this combination fundamentally redefines the relationship between host systems and solid-state storage devices. In conjunction with flash, the SEF software API and libraries will combine to bypass legacy HDD storage paradigms - unlocking host control and enabling the use of flash at its natural speed. By bringing the flexibility and ease-of-use of software to flash, SEF makes flash easier to manage, faster to deploy and more predictable in nature.

That sound you hear? It’s hyperscale storage programmers around the world sending up a collective cheer.

Hyperscale computing is radically changing the way the data center thinks about flash storage today and into the future. SEF is a new, host-enabled and software-driven way to consume flash in large hyperscale data centers. It is designed to realize and maximize the full potential of flash memory - and who better than the inventors of NAND flash to bring about this change?

 Our new minisite is here to help you learn more about SEF technology: what it is, how it works, and how it’s shifting the narrative surrounding digital storage. See for yourself:


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