Meet Our Highest Density, Most Advanced 3D Flash Memory Technology Yet

Leading the Way Forward

Introducing KIOXIA’s new sixth-generation 3D flash memory: our 162-layer BiCS FLASHTM represents a new approach to 3D flash memory scaling that delivers the performance, reliability and cost needed to meet customer demand. Our latest BiCS FLASH technology introduction makes use of a wide range of technology and manufacturing innovations that enable it to achieve greater capacity through lateral density scaling - not just by increasing layers.

Advanced architecture beyond conventional eight-stagger memory hole array allows this new technology to achieve up to 10% greater lateral cell array density compared to the fifth-generation technology. This lateral scaling advancement, in combination with 162 layers of stacked vertical memory, enables a 40% reduction in die size compared to the 112-layer stacking technology - optimizing cost.

When comparing industry 3D generation offerings, bigger, or taller, isn’t always better. Being a leader in 3D flash memory is not defined by the highest number of layers. Those who can deliver density and performance increases - in the fewest number of layers - and optimize die size will have the most competitive, cost-efficient solution.

Our latest BiCS FLASH introduction is yet another indicator that KIOXIA is leading the way forward for 3D.


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