KIOXIA Flash LeadHERs: Choosing to Challenge


Today is International Women’s Day – a day that shines a spotlight on both the achievements of women and the gender inequality that currently exists today. The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Gap Report found that there is still a 31.4% global gender gap that remains to be closed. While the same report estimates we won’t reach gender parity within our lifetimes, celebrating IWD and raising awareness can accelerate the timeline for a gender equal world. This is why the Flash LeadHERs group is leading the charge at KIOXIA America and finding ways to participate in meaningful activities this IWD.

The IWD 2021 mission is Choose to Challenge. We are called to challenge gender inequalities to bring about change. We must voice our opposition to gender bias. There is much work to be done, both globally and here at home. In the same report, the United States is only ranked 53rd in gender equality out of 153 countries, highlighting the continued need to focus on the women both here and abroad. This month, the Flash LeadHERs team is concentrating on these efforts:

The LeadHERs and employees of KIOXIA America are choosing to challenge by donating to several female-focused charities. We have created the KIOXIA America IWD Fund that supports six organizations that focus on accelerating progress for women in both education and the workforce. In the few short weeks since the fund has been created, we have already raised over $4000!

We have also coordinated a company-wide clothing drive, with collections happening in Irvine, San Jose, and Atlanta. These donations will be going to several organizations that provide professional attire and a wide array of development tools to help women thrive in new careers and become economically independent.

Lastly, many of our employees are wearing purple to show their support for IWD today. Purple has long been the color associated with IWD as it signifies both justice and dignity.

While the pandemic presented some unique challenges, and we are unable to celebrate the day together in person, we are proud to still be participating in International Women’s Day for the first time. Going forward, it is our goal to continue participating and leading IWD events every year. But to move the needle, we will continue to Choose to Challenge year round for a more equal world.

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