KIOXIA and Dell: Moving Digital Transformation Forward - Together

KIOXIA and Dell Moving Digital Transformation Forward Together

At the close of Dell Technologies World last week, one thing was clear – the innovators creating the IT infrastructures of the future can’t do it alone. Digital transformation efforts will improve business outcomes, customer experiences and human connections – there is no doubt that the future of IT is incredibly bright. But it can’t happen in a vacuum.

Of course, at KIOXIA America Inc., we’ve always believed that the digital world is made better when we work together. Over our longstanding collaboration with Dell, we’ve seen firsthand that the possibilities that exist in today’s data-driven world are endless. Together with other technology innovators, we stand ready with comprehensive flash-based storage solutions that can help turn transformation strategies into reality.

From protecting and securing data to increasing compute speed, boosting application performance and reducing latency – KIOXIA enables you to win in today’s business landscape, and be ready for what’s next. Our SSD product lineup is one of the broadest in the industry, giving IT professionals, storage administrators and infrastructure managers access to the right solid state solutions to modernize and transform their data centers.

At our own virtual booth, we demonstrated how our SSDs are optimizing a wide variety of new Dell EMC TM PowerEdge TM servers and VMware® vSAN™ solutions.  The power and performance boost delivered by KIOXIA PCIe® Gen4 SSDs paired with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers proved to be a real showstopper, with speeds hitting up to 6900MB/sec (6.9GB/sec) reads and up to 4200MB/sec (4.2GB/sec) writes.

Missed the show? KIOXIA America’s event space, 3D virtual booth, demos and presentations are still up and accessible – see for yourself!


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The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of KIOXIA America, Inc.

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