Elevating a More Sustainable Digital World - Together

Elevating a More Sustainable Digital World-Together

Sustainability was a main theme of Computex 2023 earlier this year, with the show highlighting the necessity for sustainable development and urging a more profound imagination for the future. This concept is nothing new to KIOXIA. As the inventors of flash memory, we have more than 35 years of growth under our belts – most of which includes a variety of sustainability initiatives – and this past greatly informs the future.  

We have accumulated extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes over the years – and consistently put this knowledge into action. We incorporate many concepts that take environmental and safety issues into consideration – while maintaining high manufacturing productivity. When it comes to our technology, KIOXIA is always improving the energy efficiency of our offerings. Additionally, our technologies enable more eco-friendly products and solutions.

Our longstanding approach to sustainability has evolved over time to follow the needs of citizens and customers – as well as keeping up with societal changes.  We seek to minimize environmental impact at every turn, and incorporate the following environmental initiatives into our innovative, sustainable business practices:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gasses
  • Energy saving production and facility tools
  • VOC abatement
  • Recycling centers
  • Joint leak and soil contamination prevention
  • Wastewater recovery and treatment
  • LED lighting

Our sustainability efforts follow the latest worldwide standards and guidelines, meeting society’s expectations for global corporations, such as ours.

Our own Tomoharu Watanabe, Director, EVP and Executive Officer, was invited to give a presentation during a Computex forum focused on how the technology industry is responding to the challenge of carbon neutrality and the impact and opportunities brought by zero carbon emissions.  You can view the full session here.

KIOXIA is committed to corporate social responsibility – and we’ll have more to say about our efforts to reduce environmental impacts to solve global challenges here on the blog.  Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn® to stay on top of breaking news and information from KIOXIA.

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