OCP 2022: We Are Ready for Next!

OCP 2022 We are Ready For Next

Whether it’s increasingly dynamic workloads or more data-intensive technologies, at KIOXIA – we are ready for what’s next! This sentiment is especially true when talking about the open compute ecosystem. Our extensive data center and enterprise portfolio includes new products, form factors and standards that are all driving innovation in the open compute ecosystem and paving the way for the data centers of the future.

The recent OCP Global Summit® was the perfect venue to show the world exactly how we are doing it. We are a proud member of the Open Compute community, and we truly feel that the technology infrastructure challenges we can overcome together are limitless. At the event, we showcased demos of our broad portfolio of products, with a special focus on E1.S drives, Software-Enabled Flash™ technology with our sample hardware, and 2nd generation PCIe® 5.0 SSDs.

What’s next for KIOXIA? We keep innovating and adding to our already extensive line of SSDs – all in support of the applications and services of the future.

Read more about what we were up to at this year’s OCP Global Summit here: https://americas.kioxia.com/en-us/business/news/2022/ssd-20221018-1.html

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