Meet a Memory Maker: Music Video Producer, Dale Keano

Meet a Memory Maker Music Video Producer Dale Keano

Music videos have the power to captivate, provoke and transform our understanding of a song. They are an art form that can push creative boundaries and leave lasting impressions. In the vibrant world of music video production, directors are the visionaries who bring music to life through compelling visuals.

At the heart of every music video is the desire to create lasting memories. Directors capture moments that resonate with audiences, evoke emotions, and tell compelling stories. From capturing high-definition footage to editing complex sequences and applying intricate effects, directors rely on storage technology that can keep up with their fast-paced, imaginative workflows.

As the inventors of flash memory, KIOXIA is committed to supporting these creative professionals with cutting-edge memory technology. Our innovative memory solutions help music video directors bring their artistic visions to life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Meet music video director and executive producer Dale Keano. Dale’s studio, Burgundy Suite, is the creative force behind videos of all levels of production – and has over 75 million views on YouTube®.

“From high-end gear and exotic locations to intricate storylines, extras, models, and luxury cars, we’ve done it all,” Dale says. “However, one crucial aspect of our production process often goes unnoticed: how we capture, store, and edit our footage. This behind-the-scenes element is the backbone of our work, and it’s where KIOXIA memory solutions play a pivotal role.”

Dale is an excellent example of a ‘Memory Maker.’ KIOXIA makes flash memory that makes solutions and applications possible. These solutions and applications make memories when they are utilized. See more of Dale’s story in the first in our series of ‘I’m a Memory Maker’ videos.

Whether you are a seasoned director or an aspiring filmmaker, cutting-edge memory solutions from KIOXIA are here to empower your creative endeavors. Let’s make memories together. Be sure to keep checking this blog for new videos that highlight and celebrate the incredible work of Memory Makers everywhere. Stay tuned!

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