So Long, SATA

There is Life After SATA

If you’re worried about what’s going to happen to your server applications now that the SATA performance roadmap has come to a screeching halt at 6Gb/s, you’re not alone. While SATA was certainly a good technology in its day, as SSD storage evolves to better service next-gen data center needs – it’s clear that SATA’s days are numbered. The good news is that there is life after SATA – higher performance, better reliability, and much better value for enterprise or hyperscale servers await you on the other side. SAS and NVMeTM protocols (and their long technology roadmaps) are the future – and the future looks bright.

We’ve created an infographic to highlight why value SAS and data center NVMe-based SSDs will lead the way.

Our value SAS and data center NVMe SSDs are game-changers and are poised to replace SATA SSDs in server applications. KIOXIA’s value SAS and data center NVMe SSDs are optimized for advanced performance, capacity, reliability, manageability, and data security – all at a price designed to compete with SATA.

Because our SSDs are based on many generations of KIOXIA’s proven enterprise SSD technology, they deliver higher price/performance ratios when compared to SATA SSDs, enable higher server CPU utilization and better use of server resources, reduce TCO, and facilitate ease of deployment. Since the vast majority of enterprise servers come equipped with a SAS interface through an on-board chip accessed via an I/O or RAID controller, SATA-based SSDs can be easily upgraded and swapped for value SAS SSDs. Our data center NVMe SSDs are designed for users who use SATA SSDs in their servers today, and are ready to take the next step to an NVMe-enabled platform. These SSDs offer significant performance benefits to NVMe specification- enabled systems – up to 12x faster than typical SATA SSDs1.  And, of course, our value SAS and datacenter NVMe SSDs come complete with the quality and reliability that you’ve grown to expect from KIOXIA enterprise products.

Ready to move on from SATA? Upgrading your application performance has never been easier. Head over to  for all of the details, and be sure to check out our new infographic while you’re at it!


1Source: KIOXIA Corporation, as of August 6, 2019. Based on a KIOXIA market survey of publicly available information.

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