Delivering on the Promise of Software-Defined Flash

Delivering on the Promise of Software Defined Flash

As the initial developer of the Linux Foundation® Software-Enabled Flash™ Project, KIOXIA has recently contributed the complete Command Set Specifications documentation. The Linux Foundation also released a similar announcement regarding the availability of the command set, which can help developers accelerate their Software-Enabled Flash efforts and reduce time to market.

Software-Enabled Flash technology consists of an open-source API and libraries compatible with purpose-built, media-centric flash hardware focused on hyperscale requirements. This technology provides the tools for software developers to maximize and control the full capabilities in flash storage beyond what was previously available.

Software-Enabled Flash:

  • Unlocks the full power of flash at hyperscale and sheds the legacy HDD device paradigm
  • Defines protocols through a software API compatible with flash storage hardware
  • Allows users to adapt and customize flash to storage requirements
  • Is complementary to existing SSD offerings using Software-Enabled Flash purpose-built hardware
  • Enables flash to behave in a much more predictable, uniform manner
  • Enables data placement and workload isolation
  • Enables latency control with advanced queuing
  • Delivers multi-protocol capabilities
  • Can support current and future flash generations from multiple vendor sources

The Linux Foundation open-source project with sample API and Command Set Specifications is available now. Visit GitHub to view and download. Hardware samples from KIOXIA are also available now for select customers and developers.

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