KIOXIA: Memory Maker

From One Memory Maker to Another

If you happened to be at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) this summer, you may have noticed a familiar face: San Francisco 49ers legend, Jerry Rice, joined us in our booth to kick off our exciting new ‘Memory Maker’ campaign. Here is Jerry’s Instagram post about being a true Memory Maker at FMS!

What do we mean by ‘Memory Maker?’ KIOXIA makes flash memory – which makes solutions and applications possible. These solutions and applications make memories when they are utilized.

That means making enhanced user experiences possible. Making consumer PCs ultra-thin. Making the flash memory that enables the IoT. Making hyperscale architectures a reality. Making professional photography more efficient and reliable from the capture to the workflow. Making the memory to process, manage and store the world’s data.

And so much more.

How many memories did Jerry give us during his career? From winning 3 Super Bowl titles to scoring the most touchdowns in NFL history and holding virtually every significant career receiving record, Jerry truly embodies what we mean when we say ‘Memory Maker’.

As the inventors of NAND flash, being at the cutting edge of technology is in our DNA – and we will never take our foot off the gas pedal when it comes to innovation. Our flash technology is critical to the future and empowers companies that are looking to differentiate and innovate. Our latest, next generation memory technologies and SSDs will enable improved efficiency and better performance, all while making continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will keep driving forward; creating the technology that really matters, supporting our customers and engaging new ones.  At KIOXIA, we make memory, for memory makers.

Learn more about what’s behind KIOXIA: Memory Maker in our new video.


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