The Future of Connected Devices has KIOXIA Written all Over It

The Future of Connected Devices

Ever since we invented flash memory in 1987, KIOXIA has maintained a steadfast commitment to designing, engineering and manufacturing the most advanced flash memory chipsets. Why, you may ask? It’s simple - we’re driven by innovation, and the prospect of changing and enhancing the way we live, work and play every day. 

Next-generation IoT devices are a huge part of this lifestyle upgrade. These technologies require small packages with much higher memory densities – and KIOXIA provides these important features. We’re pushing the IoT forward with a vast range of densities, higher reliability, extended temperature ranges, low power and a technical support system that is one of the best in the market today. 

Companies that are building the infrastructure for smart cities, healthcare, smart homes, industrial and agriculture applications rely on KIOXIA innovations to provide outstanding, cost-effective solutions to support their products.  These technologies require exceptional real-time performance for information processing, as a huge amount of data must be managed by big-data systems or indefinitely stored by data centers and cloud service systems.  This requires flash memory to perform at high speeds with low power consumption, and KIOXIA consistently meets these challenges. 

Whether it is a wearable device to monitor exercise and sleep patterns, a smart TV or a smart parking meter that manages financial transactions in real-time, KIOXIA has the right solution for the development and delivery of the most advanced IoT technology.  To learn more, please visit:, and click here for our new infographic.

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